Rockwall PAWS


Our mission to reduce the number of unwanted or homeless  animals surrendered to animal shelters and as a result reduce euthanasia can only be accomplished with the support of people like YOU!  Your donations support Spay/Neuter,  the treatment of Heartworm Positive shelter dogs, help injured or ill shelter animals, and promote adoption events.

Collin County Humane Society @ Rockwall Animal  Adoption Center  is a working partner to insure  Heartworm Positive dogs continue to be treated.  All dogs are tested for heartworm.  In the ‘old days’ dogs that tested positive were euthanized because there was no funding for treatment.

Rockwall moved ahead of the curve in January 2010 with Rockwall PAWS’s innovative idea that all shelter dogs with heartworm be treated.  Through their SAVE A HEART  SAVE A LIFE  program they accepted their 175th dog in July 2014.  Now Rockwall has charged forward even further ahead of the curve;  and  cchs@raac administers monthly heartworm preventative to every dog in their care. OUTSTANDING!!

LITTER FREE ROCKWALL   helps make affordable spay/neuter options available via Spay Neuter Network.   SNN provides   a monthly shuttle to Rockwall.  Animals are transported to a large S/N Clinic, ‘fixed’ and returned the same day.

We can make it happen together –One pet at a time!

HELP US Spay/Neuter, treat HW+ shelter dogs, and help ill or injured animals.

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